How does Edmodo work?

To create a network, teachers will begin by creating an account. Teachers can do this by going to the website's homepage at:

Next, students can join by going to the same website. In order to join, they will need to have a private access code provided by the teacher. The code will enable the student to access the main page for the classroom. Fortunately, students are not required to enter any personal information so the site is completely secure. Not only that, but students do not need to have an email account in order to set up an account.

Teachers can then create subgroups which can eliminate cross posting. When the course is over, the teacher can close out the network. Later, the teacher can create a new network for the next course.

How does it work for the Milennials or digital natives?

Edmodo's interface is very similar to Facebook, so students tend to feel comfortable using Edmodo because they are familiar with social networks. For those students who have never used a social networking site, they can learn quickly because it is very user friendly.

Students have the ability to accomplish many things through Edmodo. For example, they can submit their homework and view their grades. In addition to this, students can contact their teacher directly to tell him/her that they won't be able to attend class or to ask a question. Also, students can participate in online discussions similar to Twitter, which is another Web 2.0 tool that many students are familiar with.

Most importantly, students can feel free to interact and collaborate in a safe environment. Their ideas, notes, and messages will be kept within their closed network, so students don't have to worry about unwanted attention, comments or feedback from strangers.

Finally, students can enhance their learning outside of the regular classroom. With Edmodo, students have the capacity to work from their computers at home.

How does it work for adult learners?

Edmodo is a great resource for teachers and adult learners. Teachers have the ability to assign homework and share notes, links, and files. In addition to this, teachers can post alerts, reminders and share events.

Teachers report that Edmodo is very easy to use. Also teachers have praised the technical support (Technolphilia) because they tend to listen to teachers problems and fix them in a timely manner. In addition to this, Edmodo is still a relatively new Web 2.0 Tool and the makers are continuously incorporating teacher's feedback to make improvements.

Another way that Edmodo is beneficial for teachers and adult learners is that it gives them an opportunity to expand their PLN or Personal Learning Network. Through Edmodo, teachers can make connections with other educators with similar interests.

There are many websites, blogs, etc. that list ways that teachers can utilize Edmodo with their students. Often, other teachers and adults can contribute and collaborate by adding their own ideas. One such example would be the Googledoc created by Shannon Miller on the following page:

Finally, teachers can participate in professional developments online through Webinars that cover topics such as how to use Edmodo and how to use the various features on Edmodo.