Is Edmodo replacing anything in the classroom?


Edmodo often replaces other Web 2.0 tools used in the classroom such as Twitter and blogging websites.

Facebook vs. Edmodo

Most commonly, Edmodo is described as a social network similar to Facebook. This is because it works in a very similar fashion. However, the main difference between Edmodo and Facebook is that Edmodo is a secure, closed network. On the other hand, Facebook is a public network. While it is true that Facebook users can control to some extent who can see their "profile", it is still a public network. Also, Edmodo does not contain any advertisements. Edmodo gives both teacher ans parents peace of mind because they know that students are not at risk of being contacted by a stranger.

Twitter vs. Edmodo

Just like Twitter, Edmodo has the ability to allow students to participate in online discussions through the message board. However, it has many more features than simply communicating. For example, on Edmodo teachers can upload notes and assign homework. Also, unlike Twitter, Edmodo is a private network. Another similarity between Twitter and Edmodo is that both of these Web 2.0 Tools are a great way for teachers to expand their PLN or Personal Learning Network.

Blogger vs. Edmodo

Many teachers choose to have students publish their writing through blogs to give them a bigger audience. Also, by publishing work online, students have the opportunity to receive feedback from their peers, and other people around the world. Unfortunately, this can lead to unwanted comments and contact with strangers. On Edmodo, students can publish their work within a secure network. However, it is important to note that Edmodo is a microblogging medium which is different from the traditional blog because the content is usually much smaller in size. And just like Twitter, Edmodo has many more features than simply posting work online. Students can also participate in online discussions, view their grades, and communicate with their teacher.